ActionAid ensures women access land in CRR


By Isatou Jawara

ActionAid International in collaboration with partners FLAG and NAWFA, recently concluded a three-year project aimed at promoting women’s socio economic rights in the Niaminas in the Central River Region.
The project was implemented from December 2013 to March 2017.The objective of the project is promoting women’s access to socio economic rights and economic empowerment, including land ownership.

The director noted that the women’s economic empowerment project which is phasing out has strengthened the civil society to support equal access to socio economic resources in Central River Region in The Gambia.
“Women in CRR are now part of the district tribunal and most women are now occupying political positions in all parts of the country.


“With our implementing partners FLAG and NAWFA, we have come across all types of challenges to achieve this land rights in CRR. Working with rural communities is not an easy task, but we have success stories; some women have land now and are now having the legal documents required and using the land to cultivate. For the first time in the history of the Gambia in Niamina East, we have a female Alkalo,” he concluded.
Lamin Jobe, a consultant for the project, said the project is key as far as women’s empowerment and development is concerned.

“ActionAid is the leading NGO in the Gambia that have success stories and direct impact on vulnerable communities since 1970.
“I started my career at ActionAid at Bansang and I am one of the first staff to work at the head office. I am glad to work today as a consultant with the most respected NGO that is transforming lives and uplifting the vulnerable communities,” he said.