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Africaada airways CEO reacts to US sanctions

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Prince Ebrahim Sanyang, the CEO of the Africaada airways and half a dozen other companies listed under ex-President Yahya Jammeh’s assets recently frozen by the US, has again refuted claims that those companies belong to Jammeh.

In a statement sent to The Standard, Sanyang said the United States’ action against his companies is wrong because since the allegation linking them to Jammeh first surfaced months ago, when a court order froze the companies, no evidence has been brought forward to prove that the companies belong to Jammeh.
Sanyang further added that even the Commission of Inquiry has not put any frozen or sanction order on any of his companies and neither was anyone of his executives called to testify at the commission.

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“Therefore, why would USA’s OFAC office pre-empted the Gambia’s Commission of Inquiry by going ahead and listing our companies into their register, when it was crystal clear that The Gambia Commission of Enquiry (Janneh Commission) hasn’t done so?
“Why did the USA’s OFAC office fail to accurately register the very companies and or executives by Commission of Enquiry (Janneh Commission) but, instead went ahead and falsely listed ours?” he quizzed.
“We challenge OFAC to show an iota of evidence and or single nexus that links our companies to former president Jammeh,” CEO Sannyang said.

He maintained that the OFAC was wrong to list their companies as links to former president Jammeh and urged them to remove them from their list.
“We expected USA’s OFAC to be an independent, evidence-based institution, free from any and or all external misinformation. OFAC must be impartial, put robust, fair and equitable checks and balances in place to avoid injustices and or discriminatory acts as they did in our case,” he concluded.

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