Ahmed Gitteh says he has left NPP

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By Amadou Jadama

The defeated independent candidate in the weekend election for the Brikama Area Council chairmanship election has doubled down on the injustice and discrimination meted out to him by the NPP in denying him from representing the party.

Gitteh a former UDP stalwart turned NPP strongman was passed over in favour of Seedy Ceesay by the NPP during what he called disputed primaries and he went on to contest as an independent.


In the election he polled 6,718 votes against 52,429 for Ceesay and 77,946 for the winner Yankuba Darboe.

Even before the final collation of results, Gitteh went to the UDP bureau in Brikama to congratulate Darboe who was projected to win.

Talking to Home Digital’s Pa Modou Bojang, he said he personally blamed President Barrow for the ill treatment that inveigled him to declare himself an independent.

“After that happened, they offered me many things including money, ministerial and ambassadorial positions. Someone said they were willing to give me even US$200,000. But I said even if I were to get one vote, I’d prefer that and my dignity and integrity. I appeal to the youths, you can join any party of your choice but do not compromise your dignity and integrity. Anyone can become something. In his first foray into elective politics, the sitting president was thoroughly flounced by Mamma Kandeh in Jimara to the extent of sitting on him. I am happy today because I had always said if I do not win, Yankuba Darboe will.”

Asked whether he is still an NPP supporter, Gitteh replied: “I am not as long as Barrow is there… I am not in the NPP as long as Barrow is there.”

Asked whether he intends to rejoin the UDP, he said: “I have not promised that to anybody”.