Sumareh tells Barrow who to blame for NPP’s losses

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By Amadou Jadama

The campaign manager of Team Ahmad Gitteh and a former driver of President Adama Barrow has said that the NPP is licking its wounds and that ministers and party executives are to blame for its losses from Banjul to Mansa Konko.

Speaking to The Standard, Mansa Sumareh said: “There is a lot of noise and unnecessary accusations are going on. But I want to tell them that let them understand very well that elections belong to Gambians. You can say whatever you want to say, but at the end of the day, the people will decide whom to vote for, and that’s what they have done in these elections. Gambians have decided.


“What is left now is to join hands together with the winners and work for the development of the country. You cannot force people to love you. They have their constitutional right to belong to any political party and vote for any candidate of their choice. What happened is a political suicide [for the NPP]. Let President Barrow open his eyes and know the types of persons surrounding him. They lost Banjul, KM, WCR and LRR because of the problem in the party that backfired and because of the selection of wrong candidates.

“I am among the people who have been advising President Barrow to be careful of his ministers and advisers. I have been saying this before the election. But instead of listening to me, they have been insulting me and my mother and accusing me of all sorts of things because of the truth I told to the president. Today, I am vindicated.  So let him blame his party executives and some of his ministers. We have seen some of the ministers during their political rallies attacking some political parties and their leaders instead of listening to them and addressing their problems, especially the women.

“Those who are telling the president that UDP is dead and have no supporters are deceiving him because the UDP is beating those people even in their own villages.  UDP is growing very well and they cannot bring the party down,” he concluded.