NPP Bakau spokesman explains why he endorsed Bensouda on election eve

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By Olimatou Coker

In a curious twist of events, the outspoken NPP spokesperson in Bakau, Alhaji Basiru Gassama, went to the opposition UDP final rally on Thursday evening at Bakau Sanchaba and endorsed Talib Bensouda for mayor.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Mr Gassama explained: “In Bakau the political party divisions and rancour are too much. In 2018, we campaigned for Talib all over the municipality. I am not interested in parochial politics. I look for the interest of the country.”


Asked whether he still considers himself a member of the NPP after endorsing and likely having voted for his party’s chief nemesis at the election, Mr Gassama replied curtly, “I am NPP and I cannot hate Barrow, but I do not also hate the UDP. In fact, I have hatred for no one”.

According to him, the results of the mayoral election are self-evident of the people’s desire in the municipality: “If you are a good politician and you do good works, when it is election time the people will choose you because they want those who are ready to work for them.”

Gassama said the elections were fair and reflect the will of Gambians. He thumbed up the electoral commission for conducting a free and fair election.

“I congratulate all the winners and say hard luck to the losers. Now that elections are over, we should all unite because unity is power. It is time to build Bakau, build the municipality and build The Gambia!” Mr Gassama exhorted.