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Jailed Nigerian madam mistakenly released, re-arrested in Farato brothel

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By Bruce Asemota

Jennifer Ozuem, a 33-year-old Nigerian woman who was recently jailed by the high court in Banjul for trafficking and prostitution was mistakenly released from jail but rearrested and put in prison.
The court sentenced Ms Ozuem to 15 years imprisonment and fined D50,000 for trafficking a lady, and 15 years imprisonment and fined D50,000 for importation of persons into The Gambia for the purpose of prostitution.
Ms Ozuem paid the D100,000 and was released purportedly by mistake by the The Gambia Prison Service without serving the mandatory 15 years jail terms which were to run concurrently.
The prison authorities realising the blunder, contacted the security operatives who went in search of her and found her lodging in a brothel in Farato, where she was arrested and returned to the prison to serve her term.

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