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The Assets Management and Recovery Corporation, AMRC, has issued a public notice shared with The Standard asking 85 debtors based in The Gambia and those absconded to pay their debts totaling D65M before 30 July.

According to the statement, 26 of the debtors are companies and or individuals known to be still based in The Gambia who in total owe the corporation D43, 355,473. 54 while another 59 people and businesses listed as rice and cement debtors, most of them Mauritanians believed to have absconded, owe the corporation some D22, 110 752.05.

According to the notice, the corporation has prepared and is ready to engage the absconded debtors to return to The Gambia and pay back their debts and continue their businesses.
The AMRC will avail them flexible repayment agreements in the spirit of the new Gambia, the release stated.
As for the debtors based in The Gambia, the AMRC said it will publish the full list of the businesses and or their owners from July 20 and warned that once that is done, the public is advised not to buy any assets associated with debts contracted by the debtors whose names and businesses will be on that list.
The Corporation said it will not hesitate to enforce all powers vested in it by the AMRC Act to recover the debts latest July 31.

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