APRC NAM says Foni should ignore Barrow’s courtship


By Omar Bah

The National Assembly member for Foni Bondali, Kaddy Camara has called on her native people of Foni to ignore President Barrow’s calls for them to support his administration. Speaking at the recent APRC rally in Brikama Hon Camara said when things were find and well between Barrow and his political native UDP, the APRC was his biggest enemy.
“We were his administration’s biggest enemy. They never like Foni and they will never like us. They are only following their interest,” she said.

She accused President Barrow of turning the State House to a politiking ground. “It is now that Barrow is claiming to be an independent candidate but during the national assembly election he was campaigning for the UDP,” she claimed. She added that now that Barrow fell out with the UDP he finds it convenient to call himself an independent president. “But we want to tell him that neither Foni nor Gambians are fools.”


Speaking further, Hon Camara said the government’s refusal to set up a commission of enquiry into the death of Haruna Jatta is selective justice. She said the TRRC is designed to castigate Jammeh and the APRC which instead of establishing the truth will divide people. Camara said it the Barrow administration should give praises where they are due and it is hypocritical that they ignore all the good things that Jammeh has done in the country.
“But whatever they say, the Gambians will support Jammeh for life,” she said.