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Athlete trunning a marathon in 196 countries for charity arrives in Gambia

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An endurant athlete running a marathon in all 196 countries to raise money for charity has arrived in The Gambia yesterday
Nick Butter, 27, from Bristol, wants to set a series of world records while completing the challenge, which will take him 550 days.

He will cover 5,130 miles and spend only 60 hours in each country. It will be the first time anyone has undertaken such a task.
Mr Butter, a full-time runner and motivational speaker, has already run 309 marathons and 40 ultra-marathons, and has set himself the target of raising £250,000 for research into prostate cancer.
He will encounter war zones and areas of political instability as well as the heat of the Sahara and the extreme cold of Antarctica during his journey.
He passed through the Gambia yesterday.

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