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Axi explains statement on Covid-19 fund

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The president of the GPA FC Mass Axi Gai, has said his recent comments about how the Fifa Covid-19 should be spent are his personal opinion and how his club intends to use it.
Mr Gai had said the GPA will share its allocations of the money among all members of the club equally to the last butut saying that is what he understands of the relief fund.
His comments were criticised in some quarters who said while GPA can afford to do that other less privileged clubs cannot do the same.

However speaking to The Standard yesterday, Axi said he understands that GPA, Gamtel, Armed Forced FC have budgets as institutional clubs as opposed to many clubs who are without that privilege. ” So what I said applies to my club and I am not suggesting or forcing any club to do as we will do at Ports FC,” he said. Mr Gai however maintained that the money must be used to benefit the stakeholders of football and nothing else.

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