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baba jobe d

By Baba Sillah

Dada Jobe, one of the brothers of the late Baba Kajali Jobe, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Barrow administration for being slow in taking action to return the assets of their late brother forcefully taken by the exiled former President Jammeh.
Speaking to The Standard, Daba described the lack of action by the government as “betrayal”, adding they are running out of patience over the matter. He explained: “Since the new government came to power almost two years now, we have not heard from the government to know its decision regarding the assets of our brother. Earlier this year when we heard the auctioning of Jammeh’s cattle by the Janneh Commission, we felt disappointed and betrayed by the Barrow government. After our brother fell out with Jammeh, all his cars and 25 heads of cattle were forcefully taken by Jammeh; out of the 25, 14 belonged to our late mother while 11 belonged to Baba. His accounts at Trust Bank, the dollar, pound sterling and euro accounts were also withdrawn.”

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Also adding his voice, a brother who preferred anonymity appealed to the government to consider their calls and bring closure to their family, saying they are frustrated and the only thing that could help them is for government to make sure they recover the assets of their late brother.
“Since Jammeh fell out with our brother, he forcefully seized all his properties and since then we are renting while some of those properties are still occupied by Jammeh’s own people, which is not fair. We can only be assured or have confidence if the assets are still controlled by the state but that is not the case,” he said.
The brothers said they are in close contact with their lawyer to see how they could recover the properties since they have all the necessary documents to substantiate their claim.

Meanwhile during his testimony before the Janneh Commission on properties acquired by the former president, the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Delo Baldeh, who led the investigators and presented their findings before the enquiry, told the Commission that the widow of Baba Jobe, Tida Jaiteh-Jobe claimed that Jammeh had forced her to transfer the properties of her late husband to him.
The Standard has also been reliably informed by sources that 11 properties of Baba were forcefully taken by Jammeh after they fell out but unconfirmed sources said it was more than that.

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