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‘Baddibu is no-go area for NPP’

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By Amadou Jadama

The spokesman of the United Democratic Party in the North Bank Region has dispelled rumours that President Barrow’s National People’s Party is gaining ground in Baddibu.

Karamo Njie, who walked into the offices of The Standard on Tuesday, said Baddibu’s support for the UDP is unshakable.

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“I want to make it emphatically clear that no political party including the NPP can break UDP’s support base in Baddibu. If anyone is telling President Barrow that he has support in Baddibu that person is fooling him. If Jammeh could not change the people of Baddibu, I am not sure anybody will be able to do so,” Njie said.

He dispelled as totally false rumours that Barrow’s NPP is gradually taking control of Baddibu from the UDP, except places like Njaba Kunda and Salikenni.

“I want to say that even the people of Baddibu were shocked when they heard those bogus claims. I want to be generous enough to my brother President Barrow to tell him that Baddibu will never support him – let him not bother giving any of his surrogates money to try and convince us. We are not for sale,” he said.

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Njie said anybody who is giving Barrow such information is deceiving him. 

“I challenge the NPP and those making those bogus claims to organise a rally in Baddibu and test their popularity. Let them be my guest,” he said.

He predicted 95% for the UDP in Badibbu in the December presidential election.

“There is no shadow of doubt that Baddibu’s support to UDP is unshakable because we believe in Ousainu Darboe and that is final,” he said.

He said the 4 December polls will prove to Barrow that his surrogates were lying to him about his popularity around the country.

“Let them just sit and keep pretending that they have support. They will be disappointed in December,” he said.

He said Barrow has not done anything in Baddibu that would even convince one Baddibunka to support him.

“All the promises he made to us in 2016 have not been fulfilled. Living conditions are even more expensive now compared to Jammeh’s time. He promised us that a bag of rice will be D500 when we elected him but today a bag of rice is D1400. Gambians are aware enough now to be fooled, especially by fools,” he said.

He advised President Barrow to be careful of people surrounding him for their own selfish interest.

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