‘Gov’t must review policy on driver’s licence to reduce accidents’


By Amadou Jadama

The manager of Safer Way Driving School, Pateh Baldeh, has called on government to introduce a policy for drivers to undergo training before issuing them licence.

Speaking to The Standard, the seasoned driving instructor said the rampant road accidents in the country are caused by lack of proper training of drivers.


“I am appealing to the government to study and copy the policies of other countries where no one is issued a license without a proven test of competence is conducted or produced a document from a recommended driving school,” he noted.

Baldeh said this policy must apply in all cases, be it private or commercial drivers.

“We operate driving schools not just to make money but also help government regulate and ensure road safety.  The driving schools play a crucial role in preventing and minimising the incidents of accidents caused by bad driving,” he said.