‘Baddibu will never support Barrow’


By Amadou Jadama

The spokesperson of the United Democratic Party in North Bank Region has said that the people of Baddibu will never support President Adama Barrow and they will continue to remain an opposition to his government.

Karamo Njie, who said he is responding to President Barrow’s recent call for Baddibu to end being sanctuary for opposition, added that Baddibu will continue to oppose him because the reasons Gambians uprooted Yahya Jammeh are still manifesting in his governance.


Njie said he wondered whether Mr Barrow easily forgot that it was being in opposition that made him president. “If the same things he himself opposed in the past are occurring under his own watch, what does he expect people to do?” Njie asked.

He added that Baddibu played a leading role in the election of President Barrow and it would be better for him to realise that the same power will be used to get him out in 2021. “UDP is the major party in this country; whether you like it or not and I challenged Barrow and his NPP to come out with proof that there are UDP supporters in Baddibu who cross-carpeted to NPP as they claimed,” Njie said.

“We know each other in Baddibu, and we know who are the supporters of UDP. There is nobody who can fool us. We are UDP, and we will continue to remain in UDP. Nothing is moving us. We the people of Baddibu are noble people. We don’t sell our dignity for money,” Njie said.