Badjie predicts victory in KM mayoral election

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By Olimatou Coker

The minister of sports and KM mayoral aspirant Bakary Badjie, has said he is very confident of winning the upcoming elections in May for the governing National People’s Party.

Addressing a press conference organised by the Elite Strategist team which announced endorsement for him, Badjie said. “My conviction is that if you consider the figures in both the presidential and National Assembly elections, the NPP led-coalition still maintains dominance in this municipality. That is a reality. Secondly, each of the people here supporting us can pull a number of votes that we’re going to add to what we have. So that is simple arithmetic”.


 Mr Badjie further said he unsuccessfully contested against the incumbent five years ago, but giving the division in the UDP and the alliance with APRC now, it is very likely that he will win.

He said his mission is to address the most immediate needs of the people such as decongesting the city by constructing a new market within the municipality among other things.