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Bai Babu, Gambia’s rap mbalax landlord

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Rap mbalax artiste Bai Babu is without doubt one of the most versatile-cum-exciting Gambian rappers of all times.
Widely known for his hot onstage acts, Bai Babu started his musical career with Da Gees, which was typical hip-hop group before going solo releasing his first rap mbalax song titled Li chi mbegeul featuring Tam 50.
Born Baboucarr Sambou but musically Bai Babu, he was a one-time keen footballer, who played at a goal for second division side, Tallinding United.

It was in 2011 when he took a dramatic U-turn to pursue a career in music and went on to release his debut mixtape titled Dama Yii two years later. Since then, he has proven to the entire country that he is the king of rap game with his hot, captivating and enthralling stage acts.

The fast-rising star started a new dimension of stardom, gradually establishing himself to the pinnacle of Gambian music releasing hit song after hit song. He is best known for hits includes, Love bu Hew, Seeye Teey, Cheap bou Sew, Attitude girl and his anthem Damayee, which is sung by all wherever it’s performed.
Suffice it to state that the launching of his Damayee mixtape at Alliance Francaise in 2013 pulled a record turnout; the show had to be stopped only after performing three tracks due to the fact that the venue couldn’t accommodate the crowd.

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His new audience is attracted to his welcoming demeanor and his creativity on rap and mbalax flow. Such versatility has earned him a huge followership across Senegambia, Europe and even in the United States.
He had been star performer of the last two annual Open Mic Festivals. In 2015, he stole the show during a night show aired on TFM alongside Jali Madi, Manding Morry and the Joluv Arts Band, which was widely watched in the Senegambia and the Diaspora.

In 2016, he took many by surprise grabbing four awards at the Wah Sa Halat Music Award, namely Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Rap Mbalax Artiste of the Year and Mbalax Artiste of the Year. He surprised many especially his fans when he graced last year’s Grande concert in Bercy, France.
With couple of albums, the popular singer has in the recent past collaborated and had performed in concerts with a number of artistes both locally and abroad. He recorded another history in 2016 becoming the first Gambian artiste to hit a million views on a single video. The video for his hit song ‘Fahass’ featuring Barhama has received over a million

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