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City of Banjul
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

On Bakau drug raid

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It was unfortunate yesterday to see drug law enforcement agents fighting with residents of a particular area in Bakau.

As has been read in the news page, the Drug Squad raided a house which sparked violence between them and boys in the area.

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The Gambia has enjoyed a relatively peaceful environment with rare cases of violence between law enforcers and civilians.

The boys, most of whom were arrested by the officers, claimed there was a trespass during the raid which triggered the fight.

This cannot be independently verified and that is why The Standard calls on the Police to launch an investigation into the issue.

Such incidents should never happen in the community where police and other law enforcement agents should have a cordial relationship in order to carry their duty diligently and efficiently.

Investigate and dig out what actually transpired during the Drug Squad raid!

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