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Civil servant asks Barrow to scrap Travel Clearance

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One Ernest Mendy, a civil servant has sent a letter through this medium urging President Barrow to scrap the Travel Clearance system which prevents all civil servants from travelling without getting clearance from the Office of the President or Vice President.

The Travel clearance was introduced by former President Yahya Jammeh.

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In his letter Mr Mendy wrote: “Mr. President, as a Public Servant I am affected and disturbed by the reintroduction of the Travel Clearance. You may wish to note that this was an unnecessary mechanism used by the past regime to micro-manage the civil and public service. Actually, it was widely considered as enslavement and an infringement upon our freedom of movement, as one was always required to be cleared by the Office of the President or Vice President, even for private and personal travels.

Can you imagine being informed of an emergency family function (e.g. funeral) across the border on Friday for Saturday, and you are stopped from traveling at the border because you do not possess a Travel Clearance? Are you aware that even when on a personally sponsored travel (e.g. vacation), one was required to obtain clearance?

These Mr. President were the realities of the recent past. So under your dispensation, it is unimaginable that we are once again reliving the nightmares of the past government.
“In light of the above, I urge you Mr. President to discontinue the request for Travel Clearance. After all, what’s the purpose for such? Even if required, I firmly believe that Heads of Institutions are better placed to clear their staff, and for official travels only”.

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