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Man kills father in Bakau

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By Alagie Manneh

A young man in Bakau has slit his father’s throat and then hacked him with a machete.

Residents of Bakau have described the butchering of Lamin Suwareh, a single father of several by his mentally challenged son, as a cold-blooded act.

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The ageing man died on the spot due to excessive bleeding.

Loud yelling and cries were heard in the Katchically area of Bakau Friday morning where the carve-up happened. Dozens of residents stormed the compound before the arrival of police to restrain the killer, Pa Suwareh, who shouted to the crowd ‘I killed him, come and kill me’ to the crowd.

Pa, who is in his early 30s, is in police custody.

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Witness accounts said the old man left a cutlass in the open after using it and then went to rest in the house. It was there that his son attacked him.

“We were here that morning and heard a loud cry in the neighbouring compound. Lamin Suwareh’s daughter was shouting that Pa was killing their father. But before we could get to him, he had already killed him and went to stand alone covered in blood. There was so much blood,” a witness said.

It is not clear what prompted the gruesome killing. According to witnesses, Mr. Suwareh was stabbed many times in the stomach as well.

“It is the worst imaginable form of killing and yet, the boy showed no remorse,” Adama Nyandou, a neighbor told The Standard.

A young man who attended the same school with Pa Suwareh said he knew him as “nice and always smiling”.

“He was not like this before,” Dodou Bojang said. “His dad has been hustling to feed him [Pa] and his sister since.”

All efforts to get the police version of events proved futile.  

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