Senegalese singer Thione Seck passes away


Senegalese legendary artist Thione Seck has died yesterday morning. Thione, father of artist Wally Seck, has captivated fans across the globe for decades with his melodious voice.

Born in 1955 in Dakar, Thione comes from family griots (traditional musicians). His great-grandfather was a singer at the court of Lat Dior, famous damel (king) of Cayor, and notorious resistance to French colonization. He therefore naturally participates from childhood in ceremonies and traditional festivals as a singer and percussionist. Then, he became a member of the Dakar group ‘Star Band’. Being a percussionist, he joined the large orchestra ‘Orchestra Baobab’.

Thione Seck then worked with the Orchestra Baobab orchestra. In 1984, the great singer formed with his cousin a duo called Raam Daan which delivered the first album. In June 1987, Thione Seck performs with Raam Daan a first European tour with AKAN Productions (Félix Anagonou) and produces in the wake with his turner the album The power of a pure heart. At the end of a second European tour in 1988, Thione Seck produced with her turner Félix Anagonou the album Dieulleul….


In 1996, the Senegalese producer Ibrahima Sylla undertook to produce it. Thione Seck will release 3 albums under the Syllart label. Including the Orientissime album which was acclaimed by the press, concept album recorded between Dakar, Cairo, and Bombay. The album recorded in 2003 was an idea of ?? producer Ibrahima Sylla.