Bakoteh Fish Market staff lament poor pay, lack of social security


“Our social security contributions have not been paid since we started working here. We do not have torches and coats to use in the night for our patrols round the facility when there is no electricity. All these problems have been brought to the attention of the management of the facility, but they have not paid heed to our calls.” 

When visited by The Standard at his offices to explain his side of the story, Duwa Jatta, the manager, was dismissive of the claims, saying “much of what they are saying is not true”.

He added: “We pay better than the government so if they say they are not being paid well, it is not true. The lack of torches and coats is not part of the working conditions but just things attached to the job. As for social security, we do not pay directly to Social Security but to the GRA.”


Challenged to show proof of veracity of his assertion, Mr Jatta brought out a copy of a letter purportedly containing contributions to Gambia Revenue Authority in the month of January amounting to D8,748.87.

Asked to explain the incomprehensiveness of the letter and discrepancies, he retorted: “I cannot tell you how many staff we have and which staff is paying contributions to GRA because this document I have just taken from you is privileged information which you are not supposed to have. But you have to know payments to GRA are according to your earnings so not everybody qualifies to pay.”


Author: Sainey Darboe