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Banjul breweries rewards winners in world-cola promotion

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By Tabora Bojang

Banjul Breweries Limited, the Gambia’s leading and only brewery recently distributed prizes and valuables worth over D100,000 to more than 70 winners who took part in their ongoing world-cola promotion in a colourful ceremony held at the BBL in Kanifing.

The presented items range from bags of rice, sugar, onions, potatoes, freezer refrigerators, flat television sets, smart phones, ram and polo t-shirts etc.

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Speaking at the event Mr. Borry Darboe, Country Sales Rep BBL, said that the company was established in 1975 but actual production started in 1977 and since then the company is synonymous with excellence and is well committed to providing varieties of quality and affordable refreshments to their esteem customers.

According to him, world-cola was launched by Banjul Breweries Limited in July 2016, with the aim of providing variety of taste for their consumers to satisfy their taste and the need for refreshment.
He said the winner of any of the prices is going home with values ranging from D200 to fifteen (15) thousand or more only for D30.

“That is all because of your desire to choose world cola as your product and as soon as you choose world cola as your product and consume it, you become part of our family. So we believe with your ticket you have the chance to win these valuables, so wining prices whiles we celebrate our 40 years is very unique to us,” Darbo said.
He added that this is the beginning and there is no end to it, saying “it all depends on how you use your time to satisfy yourself with our products.”

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For her part, the secretary general of BBL, Madam Fatou Sinyan Ergan, congratulated the winners for participating in the world-cola promotion, and for their unflinching support and patronage over the years.

Madam Sinyan cited that her organisation will continue to support and uphold with high esteem their consumers in providing quality.
As part of events marking 40 years since their existence in the Gambia, she said BBL will wish to recognise and pay back loyalty to their consumers for have being with them all along.

“We have been around for so many years and we have benefitted a lot, now we want to give back to our consumers who have been with us all along these years. We are starting with world-cola as one of our new products and that’s why we are all here today,” she added.
Ellen Mendy and Fatou Sowe among the winners both of Abuko thanked BBL for coming up with the huge promotion, saying the valuables will assist them and their families.

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