Banjul United protests Round 2 fixtures


In a letter addressed to the organising committee, the team argued that since it is well known that as the name indicated Banjul United is perhaps the most qualified club to be classified as a Banjul team, and giving the great stake it has in the development of the Banjul KG5 Stadium, its home matches should therefore be in Banjul and not Serekunda. 

They also sighted Brikama United which plays all its home games in Brikama and accordingly demanded to be treated similarly.

They therefore called on the organising committee to consider   reviewing the scheduled venues of the matches concerned.


A member of the organising committee contacted by The Standard yesterday said: “The GFF today has a bigger fish to fry, you may have to wait until the cloud is clear for a response on that.”


BY Lamin Cham