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Bankers Association leads walk for health initiative

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By Aminata Kuyateh

In a bid to promote physical well-being and community engagement, the Gambia Bankers Association (GBA) spearheaded a vibrant “walk for health” event drawing participants from various banks in the Gambia.

The event was held on Saturday, saw a convergence of banking professionals, health enthusiasts and members of the public, all united in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

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The walk for health initiative aims to promote physical fitness and well-being within the Gambia banking community , the communities of KM and its surrounding.

Against the backdrop of increasing health challenges facing modern society, the Gambia Bankers Association took proactive steps to encourage physical activity as a cornerstone of overall wellness.

Participants gathered at the Trust Bank Gambia branch at Westfield where the atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm and camaraderie. Representatives from different banks donned their attire, showcasing solidarity in their commitment to promoting health with the community.

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The walk commenced amidst cheers and applause, as participants embarked on a scenic route through the heart of KM, accompanied by music.

As the walk drew to a close, participants gathered at trust bank in Westfield for a celebratory ceremony, where representative from the the Gambia Bankers Association delivered remarks on the significance of prioritizing health in today’s fast-paced world.

Understanding the significance of the event, the president of the GBA, Isatou Jawara said as professionals in the banking sector, “we  are no strangers to long hours and high-pressure working environments. These initiatives like walk for health are crucial, it reminds us of the importance of taking a step back to care for our most valuable asset: our health”.

“Our mission today is simple yet profound. We aim to foster  a culture of health and wellness, to encourage each other to adopt healthier lifestyles and build stronger relationships and more connecting communities. By participating in this walk, we are taking a tangible step towards these goals, showing that we are not only dedicated to financial health but to the overall well-being of our people ”, Madam Jawara stressed.

Madam Jawara expressed gratitude to the 2nd deputy governor of CBG, minister of health, minister of youth and sport and the Mayor of KM,managing directors of banks, members of the association and participants for their unwavering support and contribution to achieve the success of this initiative.

She urged the participants to take this opportunity to not only engage in physical activity but also to connect with one another, share experiences and inspire others. “Let this walk be a reminder of the power of community and the importance of taking care of ourselves and others. Together we can make a difference”.

MD at Trust Bank Gambia, Njilan Senghore, said she has always believed in the importance of physical activity for maintaining good health. However, she added that the initiative is all about networking and reminding them that health is wealth. She commended the turn-out as impressive despite it being a working day for the banks.

MD Senghore added that the success of the walk for health underscored the power of collective action in effecting positive change and affirmed the Gambia bankers association’s commitment to promoting health and wellness for all.

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