Banks, GSM companies urged to consider security in corporate assistance


By Amadou Jadama on tour

Continuing his nation-wide tour Lt General Yakuba Drammeh, the Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces yesterday called on banks, GSM operators and other business enterprises to consider intervening to solve some of the challenges faced by the Army. 

He said these include accommodations, mobility among others.


“Security is everyone’s business where everyone has a stake,” he said.

The army chief was responding to a personal plea by Samba Bah, the Governor of Upper River Region who listed a host of logistical constraints faced by soldiers in his region, including inadequate accommodations, water, electricity, mobility and poor network service.

”It may not be the ideal approach because the Army would love to supply all its personnel and posts with adequate facilities but the budget cannot support all that. However, it is not also out of context too when institutions with the means come to intervene in helping security around the area with facilities because everyone benefits from the presence of security at all times,” he said.

The Governor assured the CDS and his delegation that the soldiers in Basse have demonstrated professionalism which has drastically reduced crime as opposed to the previous years.

CDS Drammeh further called on sister security services in the country to join hands with GAF for the maintenance of peace and stability.

“We are very sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the members of the Armed Forces, and I am very optimistic that the future is bright and with concerted efforts and synergy, I want to believe that together we can achieve what we are yearning for ourselves as a country,” CDS Drammeh added.

The tour proceeded to Fatoto military camp as well as the 3 Infantry Battalions in Basse, Lamen-Koto and Sambuya where similar meetings were held with the troops.