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‘Barrow gov’t should be investigated over Dec. 30th coup’

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By Omar Bah

The APRC national assembly member for Foni Bondali has said that the current government should be investigated over the December 30th thwarted coup.
The Honourable Kaddy Camarasaid having seen the coupists celebrated upon their return to the country, it makes one wonder if members of the current government were complicit in the failed attack.

“An investigation should be mounted against the current government to establish whether they were part of the December 30th failed coup attempt. And if they are found wanting, they should be held responsible for all the lives that were lost in the coup and not Jammeh,” she told party loyalists at Bwiam.
She continued: “I am saying this because if the same people who planned a coup to kill Jammeh and overthrow a legitimate government are celebrated by our government as heroes, I believe that is suspicious and there is possibility that they were part of the coup.”

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Meanwhile, on the Commission of Inquiry, the Hon Camara said there is no iota of truth about it, “but a mere witch-hunt against the former President and the APRC, because most of the documents that were shown at the Commission were not signed by Jammeh. But they are saying it because Jammeh is far from here.”
On the Mankamang Kunda incident which led to one APRC supporter sustaining injury, she said if the people of Mankamang Kunda village love President Barrow they would not have behaved like that against an opposition party.

She said the Kanilai incident which resulted in the killing of Haruna Jatta by the Ecomig forces still remains fresh in the hearts because nothing comes out of it.
On tribalism, the Hon Camara said no individual tribe can win an election on its own in this country, urging supporters to shun negative ethnicity.
“Let us desist from tribalism; it will only divide us,” he warned.

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