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Doing the right thing

Being tolerant to divergent views and recognising the rights of others to exist and hold different opinions on matters of the state (and indeed on all things) is the cornerstone of democracy. In a nation there must certainly be difference of opinions and ways of how things should be done. In the past day or two, there were reports of an APRC convoy being attacked at Mankamang Kunda- the home village of President Adama Barrow.

A press release from the presidency yesterday revealed that the President regrets the incident and went further to stress the President’s belief that there should be political pluralism. This is a good thing as it shows everyone that President Barrow’s government is inclusive – it is here for everyone regardless of political affiliation.

This tells all Gambians that political difference is not necessarily a bad thing – it simply promotes the different ideas which will go a long way to furthering the course of development in the country. It challenges every Gambian to endeavor to have some level of tolerance for divergent views.

The action of His Excellency Mr Adama Barrow is therefore a step in the right direction. He should thus be thanked for this great move.

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