Barrow says international community happy with Gambia’s performance


By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has said the international community is satisfied with his government’s performance and that they promised to increase monetary support to the country.

Addressing district chiefs and village heads at State House last Saturday, President Barrow said: “I am glad to tell you that our international partners are very happy with our progress as a government and country.


“Every year they use to assess our performance but this year they just called us to say they are happy with the progress we have made and because of that, they are going to increase the support they give to us,” Barrow said.

He said the progress registered by his government could not have been achieved without unity in his government.

“It is only when we are together that we achieve our dreams for this country. No individual can develop this country all alone,” he said.


President Barrow said the government has purchased 20 tonnes of fertiliser for this year’s rainy season.

“The fertiliser has arrived since March. The amount of fertiliser we bring this year has never come to this country before and I am happy to announce that the government is making a subsidy of D500 million compared to the D224 million last year to ensure the farmers get it at a cheap price,” he said.

At the meeting, the president promised the country’s akalolu that a budget line will be created in the 2022 estimates for their monthly salaries.