Wally Secka denies being gay


By Omar Bah

Senegalese singer Wally Seck has rebuffed speculations of being gay and called on the country’s authorities to act on the matter.

The leader of the Faramareens has been accused of being a gay icon and fronting as an LGBT ambassador in Senegal.


 “I am not homosexual and I have nothing to do with them,” Seck said in a video he released on his social media platform yesterday.

“Since 2016 or the end of 2015, I stopped going out to respond to negative reviews. But if I let these attacks pass this time, many will think that I am guilty of the issues that I am accused of.

”I am not afraid of anything, it is just my silence was a choice. But, it is clear that I am not part of the homosexual associations or lobbies. I am not involved remotely to these matters. I never received any money from them and I never will, because, I am financially comfortable,” he said.

The 36-year-old singer and married father of three complained of the harassment he has been subjected to. “Now they send people to me. These people will often want to force themselves into my house which will result in a fight with my guards. If they get injured, they go to seek medical certificates in order to drag me to court. Not even ten days ago, I went to answer to a summon which many falsely speculate to be a case involving car theft.”

 “Let people know that I am a Muslim and have children. From this day forward, I will not accept anyone to tell untruths about me. I will file a complaint against the authors and from tomorrow my lawyers will send direct citations to the people who attacked me today,” he warned.

Wally, the son of the late ndagga superstar Thione Seck, is regarded as a metrosexual given his fashion style. His following in The Gambia is only eclipsed by those of Youssou N’Dour’s who is a contemporary of his father.