Barrow to us as Moses was to Israelis – Darboe


By Mustapha Darboe

Foreign Affairs minister Ousainou Darboe has equated President Adama Barrow’s ascension to power to that of the prophethood of Musa who has been sent by Allah to rescue the people of Israel.

Speaking in a meeting with Gambians in New York, United States on Saturday, Darboe said if it were not for the united actions of Gambians and Barrow, he would still have been in jail.


“On the 5th of December when I walked to freedom, I found President-elect Adama Barrow at my house in Pipeline, he embraced me virtually in tears and I said, ‘Adama you are like the Moses of The Gambia’,” Darboe said.

“Gambians were like the people of Israel tormented by their ruler. People were incarcerated, killed and disappeared by their leader. But just as Moses has people working with him who listened to him, so did Adama, and that is you, the great Gambian people. You [Diaspora] were the ones who gave him the support until Gambians realise that there was the need to get rid of Jammeh… On accounts of your united actions and votes, I was able to gain my freedom. Otherwise, I would still have been in jail.”

The meeting which was attended by Gambians across the United States has also seen the conferment of certificates to various activists which helped ensure leadership change in the country.

Among the awardees was the Nigerian comedian and journalist, Adeola Eunice Oladele, who was known for ridiculing Jammeh.

The comedian doled out to Barrow: “You guys know I am very shy and I like to mind my business. Your story has inspired people all over the world. You represent victory, hope and democracy… And now that you are also on my plasma TV, these are my glasses and I am watching you. Please do not forget the true meaning of democracy – government of the people.”

Other ministers in attendance were the Interior minister Mai Ahmad Fatty, Trade minister Isatou Touray and Justice minister Abubacarr Tambadou.

The Gambian leader who made the concluding speech enjoined the Diasporan Gambians to return home and continue to support the rebuilding of the country.

“We have learned during our transition that a united people can do anything… Gambia will never have a president again that will turn its back on the people. We have learned that during the transition,” Barrow said.