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By Omar Bah President Adama Barrow has told visiting West Coast Region sympathisers that his chances of seeking for re-election will depend on the achievements of his administration. Addressing thousands of West Coast Region residents who stormed State House to show solidarity with the Gambian leader, President Barrow spoke on the much talked about suspicion that he may now be thinking of seeking a second term in office. Though the president did not specifically state he would seek reelection, he did not also rule it out. “I believe any prospect of me seeking a second term will depend on what I am able to achieve and that will judge that decision,” he said. “My government has been able to receive a pledge of $1.7 billion and there are 42 different projects in that money, and all that will happen between 2018 and 2021. That’s why I said I will do better than any other past president and I am not just talking for you to clap,” the president told the audience. The Gambian leader said people can say whatever they want on social media but no one will say he didn’t secure the 1.7 billion pledge. “That’s huge money the kind of which The Gambia has never had in history. That’s why I believe what I will do for this country will surpass those of all past presidents and also believe that staying in power for 30 years or 100 years is not important but what one is able to do is what matters,” he noted. Barrow further said the first mandate of a president starts with the trust of the people but remaining for a second term depends on one’s own achievement and record. “Today I am the driver of the bus and as usual when a bus reaches a bus stop, some will alight while others will board but the rest remain in the bus; so I am completing the drive with those people onboard,” he said in a rather proverbial tone.   Foni Turning to the people of Foni, an opposition stronghold and birth place of former President Jammeh,Barrow said: “I want to tell the people of Foni that the area has always been supporting the president of the day, from Jawara to Jammeh and now that I am the one here, I want Foni to be with me so that we can complete the work together.” Turning to the people of Kombo, the president said the last election has showed that the people Kombo have supported him in an unprecedented manner because no sitting president ever lost in Kombo before 2016. “What’s amazing is that I came into the scene only three months to gain the trust of the entire Kombo so we don’t have anything to say but to thank you for this foresight,” he concluded.]]>

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