Basse market impasse resolved


By Tabora Bojang

The longstanding impasse between the Basse Area Council and the Governor’s office in URR over control of the newly refurbished Basse market is now resolved. 

Since the market was inaugurated a few months ago, no business took place there as the stalls could not be allocated by the Area Council after President Barrow controversially handed over the market to the Governor’s office instead of the legal custodians, the Council.


 However yesterday, The Standard learned that after a successful negotiation by GALGA, an agreement has now been reached for the allocation for stall to start immediately with allocation letters to be issued by the Area Council.

Landing Sanneh, president of GALGA himself chairman of the Mansakonko Area Council, said this development now means that the market will become fully operational with both the traders and the Council generating revenue.

Asked which body will now run the market, Mr Sanneh said the law only provides that the council shall run the market but in any allocation of public facilities, other national institutions such as security, fire service, disaster management among others all have a role and representation in the running of some aspects of the facility or facilities.

”We are very grateful about the cooperation of the various stakeholders, which made this breakthrough achievement,” he said.