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Basseng Foundation distributes D1.5M food items

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By Omar Bah

Basseng Foundation, a nonprofit organisation established to provide solace for the needy through support from Ihsan Global Relief has distributed over D1.5 million worth of food items to needy Gambians across the country.

The beneficiaries across the country received bags of rice, sugar and fiscal cash of between D1500 to D2000 each.

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Speaking at the presentation ceremony Madame Badjie said the foundation has for the past seven years supported the needy across the Gambia with a specific focus on the Greater Banjul Area, West Coast and the provinces.

“We support orphanages, Madrassas, shelters, widows, orphans, people facing financial difficulties, households, elderly who are constrained with dependency, fire and flood victims and imams. We mobilise funds from abroad and our main sponsor is Ihsan Global Relief, a Muslim organisation that sends money to The Gambia through us to distribute. We also have a coordinator Malick Badjie who lives abroad and we have about 26 volunteers,” she said.

She said the foundation distributes rice, sugar and cash to 36 villages across the country benefiting over 300 families.

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“We choose to do it in the month of Ramadan because we believe it’s the hardest period but regardless of that we do provide support if resources are available whenever needed,” she said.  

She expressed gratitude to all their donors and prayed for their continued wellbeing.

“Personally, it feels amazing and humbling to put a smile on the faces of these people. We are really touched about what we see every year especially when we travel to the provinces,” she said.

She also commended the foundation’s volunteers for their priceless efforts. 

The father of the foundation and former Gambian ambassador to Sierra Leone, India and China, Alhagie Dembo M Badjie commended all those who took part in the mobilisation and distribution of the food item. He said the foundation has touched many families across the country. 

The beneficiaries thanked and prayed for the donors.

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