Beakanyang Kafo Sutukonding urged to intensify efforts


Members of Beakanyang Sutukonding Chapter in Wuli West District, Upper River Region, recently convened a review meeting of their activities.

The gathering was also attended by officials from Beakanyang, the founders of the chapter.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Manneh Kijera, president of the group said despite their challenges, the group is one of the most vibrant Kafos in the village.


“Our income generating activities such as Omo and soap making need to be sustained,” she said.

Aja Nyalling Sisawo, an executive member of the group called on members to be attending meetings regularly and participate in other group activities.

“I’m happy that despite some challenges, Beakanyang Sutukonding chapter is making good savings and that you will soon be using as a revolving fund for the members,” said Nfamara Jawneh, Executive Director of Beakanyang.

He encouraged group members to also consider other vulnerable members of the society such as women with disabilities, backway returnees and out-of-school youth.

“As a society and a successful group in the community we should make sure that we leave no one behind,” Jawneh remarked.

Group members thanked Beakanyang Kafo for providing them with the requisite skills and resources to run their businesses.