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Bravo to President Barrow

Humility, it is said, is a virtue. This is one trait that is needed in every aspect of human life. When a person has humility as a quality, such a person has the potential to be a great individual. This paves the way for success and, of course, a good interpersonal relationship which can go a long way in raising one’s reputation.


Over the weekend, the University of The Gambia conferred on President Adama Barrow an honorary doctorate for his human rights record. However, a press release from the Office of the President has informed the general public that he would like to be simply referred to as Mr Adama Barrow. This is humility.


It could be recalled that when the president returned from Mecca also, he announced his desire to be simply called Mr Adama Barrow and not with the title of Alhagie. This is something that engenders hope for the Gambia as the president has shown repeatedly that he is not interested in vain titles which only go to inflate one’s ego.


The attitude of humility and dignity exuded so far by the president show that he is a humble and unassuming person who is unlikely to exercise certain character traits which betray the desire to be dictatorial and autocratic. Considering our recent history, the actions of the president are laudable and should be acknowledged.


It is interesting to note that around the world, there have also be

en some selfless leaders who had been awarded the honor but chose not to be addressed as Doctor This or That. Former President Barack Obama of the United States and former President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa were similarly awarded honorary doctorates but declined the use of the title. It is heartening therefore, to see that President Adama Barrow has followed the same route.

Thank you Mr President!

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