Busumbala homicide victim buried after international forensic help


By Tabora Bojang

Twenty-one-year-old Marie Mendy, whose mysterious death this month shocked the entire country, was laid to rest Saturday weeks after her mutilated body was discovered in her house in Busumbala.

Another corpse identified to be that of Zilson Gomez was found in a well tied with a rope.


Initial reports alleged it could have been a rape case that went bloody but that theory is now widely discounted.

 The Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mustapha Bittaye has confirmed to The Standard that the ministry had hired an international forensic pathologist who conducted and completed a pathology examination to identify the cause and manner of the deaths.

“Two of them came [a pathologist and a technician] and joined our own pathologist in conducting the exercise,” and “they [hired specialists] are already done and would be leaving tonight,” Dr Bittaye added. 

Gambians have described Marie’s death the most baffling in recent times and called for swift investigations to bring people responsible to account.

However, it remains unclear if the results of the investigations would be shared.

Police are also yet to disclose if any suspects were arrested.