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Buzz Gambia trains 342 women entrepreneurs


By Mariam Sankanu Buzz, an organization empowering women to become qualified entrepreneurs, on Friday at Child Fund, Kanifing, shared their success story with their potential partners; at least three hundred and forty two women have been trained in The Gambia. The Coordinator of Buzz Gambia Fatou Touray Cham said: “The whole concept of Buzz was found in The Gambia, but India is the first country to start the training. So many women sell, but at the end of the day, they don’t even know how much profit they make. So Buzz Women is here to put a stop to such.” Most of the participants highlighted that the main reason most women entrepreneurs in The Gambia are still unsuccessful is because of ‘social occasions.’ They added that this makes them adopt the spending habit and instead of saving. The coordinator of Buzz India, Uthara Nuraayanan also shared her journey in the past three years and how Buzz has positively changed the lives of so many women in India who used to be dependents, even though they owned their own small businesses. Representatives from Child Fund, Women’s Bureau, Youth Council, Yep, Reliance Financial Services and Supersonicz were present and assured that they will lend Buzz a hand in order to create more independent women. Fatou said that by 2030, Buzz expects to train ten million women. One of the trainees said that Buzz has served as an eye opener that has unraveled the secret behind business. “I now know that it is not how much capital you start your business with, but how smart you are,” she highlighted.]]>

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