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Cabinet reshuffle

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Over the weekend, the Presidency shocked the nation with an announcement of a cabinet reshuffle which left many baffled. The cabinet reshuffle – the first since the new government came into office – saw some key proponents of the coalition government being relieved of their ministerial positions and others being moved to other portfolios.

Change is necessary from time to time so as to shake perhaps the lethargic into action and bring new blood into a perhaps old and routine manner of doing things. In fact, the whole idea of periodic elections is hinged on that constant need to move and change.

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Many have expressed the thoughts that some of the changes were long overdue while others speculate on the possible motive(s) of this somewhat startling move as if it were a chess game. It is widely seen and believed – in many quarters now – that the coalition is all but over. Is this good or bad for the country? The jury is still out on that!

As can be expected, there are some reservations in some sections of the society on the inclusion of folks who served in the former regime. The unease is caused by the fact that some of the new appointees held key ministerial portfolios in the regime that we all fought so hard to defenestrate. The answers to what actually warranted their inclusion in the new cabinet, whether it’s justified or not, can only be found in the president’s mind.

Another very important area of concern on this reshuffle is the fact that instead of increasing the number of women, it has actually reduced it. As the vice president is now a man, it has cut down the number of women – who form a large percentage of the population – to just two.

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