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The Battle of Sankandi: critical analysis of colonialism in The Gambia

The Battle of Sankandi: Critical Analysis of Colonialism in The Gambia

Bachelors by choice

Columns and columns of roaring sea waves shored. Each punch on the broad, bare chest of the lumped earth threatens to burst the banks of the river. If the earth was in pain, it also seemed to be gaining from the love affair with the water. The serenity of the atmosphere was, therefore, not disturbed. Not when it was 6:30 in the morning. Not when the sun was only half-awake. And, definitely, not at the touristic beach of Kairasu.

Oral history in Africa: A brief review of challenges and possibilities

David Henige (2006) traces the beginning of the use of oral tradition as historical evidence to the period after the Second World War.


By Robert Greene, Profile Books, Paperback, 207 pages

Is Dr Tijan Sallah Gambia’s Soyinka?

Cabbie, a Latino friend of mine once remarked that there are two things that fascinates her. Guess what, do you know? The answer is literature and science.

Video Documentary: The Emergence of Gambian Literature

It is another milestone in the history of Gambian Literature - the launching of the first ever video documentary on Gambian literature entitled The Emergence of Gambian Literature. I must begin by commending the producer, our indefatigable dean of the School of Arts and Sciences for work well done.

Lenrie Peters’s world

In the realm of Gambian literature, he went beyond the mundane to carve cryptic lines that did not only entice readers to swim along with him into the river of creative writing, but actually he only invited the reader to pause a while, be imaginative and philosophise...

EF Small through the eyes of literature

Vesper would have closed Olympus and lulled the day into tranquility – Cyril Koto-Richards

Detained at His Excellency’s Pleasure

As we commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Kukoi Samba Sanyang's 1981 abortive coup d'etat - the single bloodiest event in the modern political history of The Gambia - we continue to feature the experiences of some of the principal players, directly or indirectly...

The Rice Story: The need for a planned and programmed production approach

A review must be made of experiences gained in rice production across the country and an analysis of factors contributing to or constraining success...

Left to Tell: God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

Left to Tell describes a heart throbbing horror of a woman who was a victim in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Immaculée Ilibagiza tells a gory detailed encounter of trying to spare her life by hiding for months in a small bathroom, as her native tribe, the Tutsi and family members were slaughtered....

Must Read

Echoes From The Senegambia Run

The Mayor of popular Senegalese tourist resort Saly has said the town will send a team to the next edition of the Senegambia Run,...

States are amoral. All of them

Dr Sulayman Njie With the change of administration in The Gambia – there has been a plethora of conversations regarding the state and the demos,...

‘Coalition Parties Must Resign From Gov’t Or Seen To Be NPP’

By Omar Bah Haji Suwareh, the spokesperson of Operation 3 Years Jotna, has urged the political parties in the Coalition government to declare their departure...


Momodou Camara (Acca) The annual G20 summit often seems like a talking shop for the world's most powerful governments. The leaders of 19 of the...

Gov’t must be clear about Jammeh’s assets – FTJ

By Omar Bah The interim leader of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has called on the Barrow administration to tell Gambians how they sold...