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CDS Kinteh speaks

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In a rare media interview, the Chief of Defence Staff Masanneh Kinteh has been speaking on the security situation of the country.
He said his institution is trying to ensure that peace and security remain in the country, adding that internal adjustments have started to enable the army to position itself for the wider security sector reform.
Speaking to regional broadcaster West Africa Democracy Radio, WADR, Kinteh said: “I believe security reform cannot be done in bits or isolated corners but it should be done through a global and holistic approach that will reform the security sector management down to its players.”

He also said that every component of that approach too needs to undergo internal adjustments to enable the institution to fit into the wider reforms. “And this was what I have been doing in these past days,’ he said
On the confidence of the soldiers, CDS Kinteh said some successes have been achieved in lifting the morale of the troops after meeting and hearing from them during a tour and “taking note their concerns some of which are apprehensive while others are just not being too clear on the issues. But again we will be engaging them and be discussing those difficult issues,” Kinteh said.

On the issue of loyalty in the wake of reports that some soldiers may still be loyal to Jammeh CDS Kinteh said: “Obviously that was at the heart of the issue but if you look at the kind of transition that we went through especially as it affects the Armed Forces, you will agree with me that there will be some residual anger and frustration but that is all as a result of not clearly understanding what is going to happen. And some of them of course are in privileged positions and therefore the change will not be seen to be in their favour.”
He assured that the Gambia will remain a peaceful nation.

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