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Cemiyetul Hayr distributes Ramadan gifts

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By Omar Bah

The Cemiyetul Hayr Relief Organization (CHRO) in collaboration with IHHNL, a Netherland international humanitarian relief organisation on Saturday 26 May, 2018, distributed bags of rice and sugar, gallons of cooking oil among others valued at 20, 000 Euros to eight hundred families in Nuimi and Jokadou.
Cemiyetul Hayr Relief Organization was established in 2001 aimed at alleviating poverty, helping needy and vulnerable Muslims.

Since its inception, they have been embarking on series of donations of food items, construction and pumping of wells and supporting orphans through the support of their international counterparts.
Speaking at one of the presentations in Nyongon village Lower Nuimi District, North Bank Region, a member of the IHHNL International Humanitarian Relief Organisation, Ebrahim Yilmaz said their main objective is to help the poor through the little resources they have.

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He said after a study tour in the country few years ago through the guidance of Musa Jallow, they realised that the country falls in the category of their supporting groups.
“And I have to say we are very happy as Muslims to help our fellow human beings. We are also operating in nineteen other countries in Africa and the world at large,” he said.
He said the organisation is supported by mainly Muslims and some residents of Netherland.

Ercan Gozegir, also a member of the IHHNL International Humanitarian Relief Organisation said he is proud to have the opportunity to help the poor and needy in the Gambia.
Also speaking, Musa Jallow, country coordinator of CHRO expressed delight and appreciation to their donors IHHNL for their laudable gestures to promote the living conditions of Gambians.
He said their relationship with the Dutch-based International Humanitarian Relief Organisation of Turkish descent dated back in 2012 when they came to the country for study on whether the Gambia falls within the groups of poor countries they can intervene.

He said since then to date they have intervened in several projects ranging from Ramadan gifts, Tobaski gifts, sponsoring 70 orphans by giving them one thousand dalasi every month, building orphanage center to school in Kassa Kunda.
Jallow added that the charitable organisation is planning to build another orphanage school and an office in Medina Salma.

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The Chairman Cemiyetul Hayr Relief Organization, Baba Jarju said the day is very significant given the fact that the donation came at a very crucial time in the month of Ramadan.
He hailed their donors for once again coming to their aid, saying the organisation deserves the prayers of every Gambian.

Meanwhile, speaking in one of the presentations at Kerr Jarga, the Chief of Jokadu, Jim Fatima Jobe, described the donation as timely, noting that it has come at a time when it is needed the most by especially the Muslims.

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