CESCCU launches housing project


By Oumie Mendy

The Catholic Education Secretariat Co-operative Credit Union on Saturday, September 10th launched a CESCCU housing project to ease the burden of its members in acquiring properties.

CESCCU was formed in 1997 and is affiliated to the apex body, National Association of Cooperative Credit Unions of The Gambia (NACCUG) in partnership with CORPORATE ASSET SOLUTIONS (Cas) and Front Star Housing.


The housing project package entails land acquisition, house building, and home furnishing.

Mr Sang Pierre Mendy, the General Manager of CESCCU said the union is set to change the narrative of Gambians.

“We aim to house every member of CESCCU regardless of age, gender, or religion. We are set to transform lives and to give comfort to the extreme to our members which teachers form the core.

To ensure everyone is catered for, CESCCU is giving 6% payment for 5 years. Though land is a gift from nature but it is today the most costly and CESCCU wants to make it affordable for everyone as housing is a necessity for everyone but on few can afford to own one.” 

Florence Mendy, a representative from NACCUG, commended CESCCU’s selflessness in providing basic amenities to the people at an affordable price. Mendy encouraged the management to continue to strife to provide more products that will benefit its membership.

“Housing is one key basic necessity that every individual wish to have, and to ensure that by the time they are longer around their family will have a shelter over their head. As credit unions We ensure that our members are satisfied with our services which is responding to their needs positively. Membership is our strength.”

Plots of land are given to individuals as a loan to be paid in a certain period. The land to be allocated is situated at Faraba.

The National Assembly member for Jeshwang, Sheriff Sarr said the CESCCU housing project is of immense help to him and his constituency, urging the union to continue its quest to provide a better livelihood for Gambians and to continue empowering teachers.

The Union also launched a CESCCU mobile wallet app.