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Charity builds house for homeless family

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By Omar Bah

HMD Charity Foundation, a non-profit international organisation established by young Gambians to support needy families on Sunday inaugurated a house for a homeless couple in Madiana village, West Coast Region.

The couple spent the whole of last year’s raining season in a corrugated hut in unbearable circumstances which include being on their feet every time it rains and having to sleep on a bare mat for 8 months. But with the intervention of the NGO, Amie Jarju and her husband Abubakar Sey now live in a D315, 000 apartment in Madiana. Madam Jarju was praised by her neighbours for standing firm to support her husband through very difficult circumstances.

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Amie was frowned upon by some of her family for refusing to divorce her husband after he lost his job and became homeless. On Sunday Amie could not control her emotions when reflecting on her love journey.

“I was considered insane by my family and friends when they found where I had been living with my husband,” she said.

Amie’s husband became jobless and homeless last August after the man he was working for sacked him and ordered him to leave his house immediately. The 50-year-old had tried without success to look for a house he could rent but all the houses he was shown were too expensive for him to pay.

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“That was the time I asked him to go to his empty land and create a corrugate house for us there where we can live until God comes our way. He was reluctant but I had to put pressure on him to do it because I was not prepared to see him being humiliated,” a tearful Madam Jarju said. She said her husband wanted her to go back to her family house but she refused.

“I could not have left him alone to suffer without a mother, father or family. So, I decided to stay and fight with him to the end. It has been a very bad experience but I refused to be carried away by the situation. I love my husband so I said to myself, this will also come to pass. That faith in God keeps me moving.

“Many people forsake me because they believe I am too young to risk my life living in a corrugated house in an isolated area, whilst some even stopped talking to me. But I never mind them and now am grateful that God came to my aid. I lost my family, my friends and relatives, due to my condition and the decision I made. No one calls and even if I do, they will not answer,” she added. At that juncture all those who were there started crying.

“There were times that my husband asked me to go back to my family since he cannot properly take care of me but I declined because there will be no one to take care of him, not even his family,” she explained.

She urged her fellow women to hold on to their marriages and be supportive to their husbands especially in difficult times.

The HMD Charity Foundation CEO, Saikou Balajo who could barely control his tears said the couple’s new house was constructed through monies donated by individuals and members of the charity. He said the blocks and construction was done by members of the organisation with “no pay”.

“We are young people who have the conviction that nothing is more important in this world than serving humanity. We should all know that our wealth is meaningless if it doesn’t benefit humanity. The only thing that will follow you into the grave is the good things you do for others,” a tearful Balajo said.

The councillor of Brufut Ward, Sulayman Kinteh, expressed gratitude to the NGO and urged other Gambians to emulate the good work they are doing to support humanity.

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