Farmers platform president says agriculture needs to be in competent hands

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By Amadou Jadama

The President of the National Farmers Platform Sheriffo Bojang   has called on government to institute reforms at the Ministry of Agriculture by appointing the right persons if the sector is to be vibrant.

Bojang, a native of Brikama and a former deputy minister of agriculture said if competent people are not appointed the sector will head back to zero.


“Let government revisit the overall staff and technical portfolios to ensure that all the many projects are successful and help the country assume self-sufficiency in food.  I think there should be more technical people in that ministry to support the minister. There is a need to assess the calibre of people working in that ministry and even at the project coordinating unit to establish who can do what rather than recycling people who cannot deliver”, the veteran agriculturalist said.

“I know that place. I have worked in that ministry for more than 15 years,” he said.

Bojang said the agricultural sector is a specialised field and all the permanent secretaries, deputy permanent secretaries and ministers have to be technicians ,” he advised.