Chinese astronauts inspire Gambian students

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By Aisha Tamba    

Astronauts from the People’s Republic of China yesterday held a space talk with science students from the UTG and Nustrat Senior Secondary school aimed at inspiring them.

The virtual talk with the astronauts was held at the Embassy where the space scientists talked directly to pupils and explained what it is like to live in space.


The virtual talk also involved young people from other African countries.  

The new ambassador of China to The Gambia, Mr. Liu Jin, told the students that the event dubbed, the “Talk with Taikonauts” activity is a special talk and a novel way to seek knowledge.

He said that exploring the vast cosmos has always been a quest of humanity and in ancient China, scientists developed astrological theories through observations and experiments, and innovators even pioneered rudimentary rockets for reaching outer space.

He added that similar exercises are found in the history of a few other civilizations too, including some in Africa.

“Today, I am more than happy to feel the same aspiration and passion from the Gambian youths present, and I am more than convinced that The Gambia is also a country of hope and that Africa is a continent with a bright future. With closer China-Africa cooperation in science and technology I could even imagine that someday in the future, the astronauts talking with youngsters on earth could be you,” he said.

Fatima Bah a student at Nusrat High School said this has been a great experience for her as a science student. “It’s a great opportunity to see the astronauts and it has exposed us to the knowledge of how people live in space,” she said.