Mini-Market temporarily closed for selling expired food

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By Alagie Manneh 

The Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) has re-opened a mini market located around Brusubi Turntable – name withheld – that was temporarily closed for reportedly selling expired food products. However, the regulators said they couldn’t name the mini-market because it may damage “its image”. 

Last week, several people were reported to have an instant reaction after buying and consuming drinks from the unnamed mini market, and were reportedly rushed to hospital. Some reports said the matter was reported to the police.


But a spokesperson of the FSQA, Ehtiene Silva, told The Standard yesterday that the mini market has been ordered to resume operations following a search and confiscation of the expired food stuffs in its store.

“Defrosted chickens and drinks were confiscated and disposed of. The mini market was shut down temporarily for hours for it to embark on some correction measures, and later allowed to re-open,” he said.

Mr Silva said that the owners of the mini market would be invited and corrective measures including fines may be imposed against them.

When asked why the owners did not face arrest and possible prosecution, Mr Silva explained: “It is a case of expired food products, and that mini-market may not be the only one. They were not found selling this expired food. It was found in their store. That mini-market may not be the only one keeping expired food products in its stores.”

However, Mr Silva, a former broadcast journalist, said the FSQA is keeping close tabs on the matter while also soliciting public support for information.