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‘Chosan’ renders free medical services to Nuimi

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By Juldeh Njie

‘Chosan’ Medical Foundation gave free and accessible medical services to the people of Nuimi Tambana, North Bank Region over the weekend.
Chosan public relation officer Rohey Njie said their foundation’s mandate is to empower people with the knowledge and skills to take control of their own health.

She said it is very important for people to be aware of their health status before treatment. She said all the doctors are voluntarily contributing to national development.
She added that the doctors are all working in diverse places but come together for the sole purpose of providing free and accessible medical services to the people of Nuimi.

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She urged people to disseminate information about health and encouraged persons to discuss health issues, adding that the discussions among persons will create greater awareness in the society.
Jim Jobe, Chosan Secretary General said the foundation acquired donations from GSM operators and other institutions but majority of the fund were raised by the members of the Foundation.

He said: “Over D70,000 was spent on drugs and about D200,000 on equipment such as lab equipment, to give back to the community. The beneficiaries were delighted because for some months they did not see doctors in their areas.”

He called on philanthropists and donors to support Chosan whilst furthering his call to the public to join Chosan to give back to the society because the membership is open to every person regardless of being a medical practitioner.

Chosan is a charitable medical foundation, comprising of Gambians in diverse fields that join hands in providing free and accessible services to the society. The composition of the Chosan Caravan included dentists, eye and ear specialists, nurses, lab technicians, scientists etc.

There were 11 doctors and 29 nurses, who volunteered to give free and accessible medical services to the people of Nuimi Tambana. This has been an annual practice for the Foundation and this year they treated thousands for free.

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