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Coalition man fires back at GDC

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By Omar Bah

The Chairperson of the Coalition media team in the West Coast Region, Essa Dampha has reacted to the GDC deputy leader Yusupha Jaiteh’s claims that the governing Coalition government is not interested in term limit describing it as ‘’disappointing and misleading’.
He said Mr Jaiteh is not following the progress made by the current government over the past one year.
He said the Coalition will fulfill all the promises they made to Gambians, “But Gambians should give the change a chance to gradually take pace. I want to assure Jaiteh and his GDC that there will be a total overhaul of the country’s constitution and the electoral reform is nonnegotiable.

“I see no reason why anybody should jump into conclusion to accuse the current government of lacking the will to implement their campaign promises. We still have time to do that. The electoral reform and term limit are going to be sacrosanct and nothing can change that,” he assured.
On Jaiteh’s claims that the GDC has brought a lot of development to the doorsteps of Gambians, Mr Dampha said every Gambian willing to give out to the people on humanitarian grounds is highly welcome.

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“But my impression is that all the donations they are giving are meant to gain popularity,” Dampha said.
He said all the philanthropic gestures the GDC is engaged in are baseless, “Because when Gambians needed them during the formation of the Coalition they refused to come. If they want to pretend to be serious than all those parties which joined the Coalition that must be a joke and they must realise that Gambians are not sleeping.”

“I also want to inform Mr Jaiteh that there is no party in the Coalition that is following its interest to the detriment of the Gambia. Yes there is push and pull within the Coalition but there is no fracas, they only disagree to agree which shows the beauty of democracy,” he concluded.

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