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Commercial drivers abandon horrible Bundung highway as commuters scramble for vehicle

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By Kexx Sanneh

The National Assembly Member for Bundung-Ka Kunda Constituency yesterday toured the horrible Bundung highway as it’s making life difficult for the people plying the road for their daily activities.
Commercial drivers who ply the Bundung highway have abandoned it due to its condition, complaining that the road usually damages vehicles.
This has left many commuters stranded.
Some commuters walked from Bundung to Serrekunda due to a shortage of vehicles plying the road. Some drivers used the opportunity to exploit commuters as they charge them more than the normal transport tariff.
Honourable Sulayman Jammeh during his tour with the media lamented the conditions of the highway. He said his people are dear to his heart and anytime he uses the road, he deeply feels the struggles his people are going through.
“I am also happy to inform my people that during the questions and answers session at the National Assembly last week, I posed a question to the Honourable Minister of Transport and the minister responded that the construction of the road will commence soon as it is part of the OIC projects,” he said.
Honourable Jammeh said the road is very bad and it gives a bad image to Bundung as it is the only highway there. He appealed to the people of Bundung to be patient as the Minister of Transport assured him at parliament that the road will be fixed soon.
“This road needs urgent action, the authorities responsible should prioritize it and make sure that it is taken care of because it is not only leaving commuters stranded for transportation but it also serves as economic loss to drivers and commercial vehicle owners,” he said.
Contacted for comments, the director of the National Roads Authority Dodou Senghore, said the Bundung highway is part of the OIC project, and they are concerned about it because of its location as it is in the middle of Serrekunda.
“Contractors should submit a proposal to the consultant before contracts are awarded because we don’t want any delay. The proposal will inform the consultant how the project will be implemented and when the proposal is approved, the contractor will be asked to start work immediately,” he said.
Director Senghore said the road will have drainage on both sides and they want to start its construction just after the rains.

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