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Commission of Inquiry remunerations

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The announcement of the setting up of a Commission of Enquiry to look into the financial activities of the former president and his close associates was welcomed by the general public as a step in the right direction.

Indeed the fact that every now and then revelations come out about the assets of the former president heightens the need to look into his financial dealings as this has a direct connection with the economic woes we are battling currently.

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As a result of this state of affairs, the country is currently reeling from a state of near bankruptcy. The culture of financial indiscipline has caused us a lot of problems and we will continue to suffer the consequences for a long time to come.

Thus it is a source of contentment to learn that the National Assembly swiftly approved a budget of three hundred thousand dalasi as remuneration for the Commission members for their three months service.


Fighting financial indiscipline and corruption is of extreme importance in a nascent democracy like ours. Corruption erodes all the good work done by government and takes a country back decades if unchecked.

Thus this move by government to set up such a Commission and Parliament’s swift response to approve the money requested is encouraging.


The truth is that there should be a standing Anti-Corruption Commission which will look into the financial activities of government functionaries to do away with impunity. This Commission, when it is formed, should have sweeping powers to enable it carry out its functions as necessary. The time has come that the Gambia should stand up to fight corruption and financial malpractice.


The wilful embezzlement and/or diversion of public funds should no longer be tolerated. We must launch a unified battle against corruption and financial indiscipline to ensure that no one will cart away with public resources.

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